Active Escapes is the world number 1’s fitness retreat.  We use the planet’s most spectacular holiday destinations as a backdrop to give you the best week ever!!

Padang Padang From $1,750 see details

Uluwatu from $1,600 see details

Echo Beach from $1,690 see details

Maldives from $2,800 see details

Hawaii from $2,850 see details

Thailand from $1,850 see details

Upcoming Fitness Retreats


June 6th : Bali – Padang Padang (see details)

June 16th : Bali – Padang Padang (see details)

July 1st : Bali – Uluwatu (see details)

July 11th : Bali – Padang Padang (see details)

July 22nd : Maldives Boat Escape (see details)

August 11th : Bali – Padang Padang (see details)

August 22nd : Bali – Padang Padang (see details)

September 2nd: Hawaii – Oahu (see details)

September 4th: Australia – Noosa (see details)

September 12th: Australia – Noosa (see details)

September 22nd: Bali – Echo Beach (see details)

October 13th: Bali – Uluwatu Mega Escape (see details)

October 22nd: India – Goa (see details)

October 24th: Australia – Noosa (see details)

November 2nd: UAE – Dubai (see details)

November 12th: Thailand – Phuket Mega Escape (see details)

November 19th: Barbados (see details)

November 28th: Australia – Noosa (see details)


The best combo of vacation & fitness!!!

“Met such an awesome group of people at Active Escapes in the Maldives…can’t wait to plan my next trip!!! One of the best weeks ever!!! Everyone in the group was so nice and I made friends that I’m definitely going to keep in touch with. We were super active with 2 challenging workouts a day plus yoga, plus boat, surfing and snorkeling excursions. A great way to see a new tropical place, meet awesome peeps and get FIT! Loved every second ?”

– Jill H

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