Trainer Profile

Andrew Pap


Certificate III & IV, ZUU level 1&2, Ankorr level 1&2, Kettle Bell Level 1.


Human Movement, Kettle Bell, Group Dynamics, Bodyweight, Endurance.

Favorite exercise

Turkish Get Up.

Favorite Food/Meal


Biggest Goal

Starting my online training program “365″.

Who or what inspired you?

A culmination of many events but also knowing the lessons learned in training transfer into our everyday lives.

What advice would you tell your younger self?

Be a yes man and pursue every challenge or fear that presented itself. Don’t hold back and relentlessly hunt for your potential.

Favourite part about Active Escapes

Definitely the people, the lessons I learn from every guest and the training!

Favorite location

Bali and Barbados.

Travel tips

Stay hydrated, consistently move whilst in transit, see as much as you can and get outside your comfort zone!

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