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Active Escape Trainer Profile


Action Jacquelyn

2019 Retreats: Bali September 21st


Here are my certifications – 750 hour yoga certified, Kundalini Yoga, Barre, Mat & Reformer Pilates, Personal Training, Ergonomics, and Pranayama (Breathwork).

Specialities: teaching people Yoga Stretching, Yoga Strength, Inversions, Splits, and Barre

Favorite exercise: I love Yoga, barre, dancing and surfing!

Favorite Food/Meal: I love a really yummy coconut milk lattes in the morning; and a fresh coconut during the day – I love scooping out the coconut fat too!! I love chips & guacamole, and I also love anything with chocolate 🙂

Biggest Goal: being an entrepreneur, living my dream as a yoga/fitness wellness expert, teacher and online entrepreneur. I just launched my own app and I’m building a loving, powerful community that is taking action towards their healthy dream life everyday. Also being a Laker Girl was a dream come true!

Who or what inspired you: my parents’ drive always inspired me to live a purposeful yet free yet.

What advice to younger self: Where you are right now is absolutely perfect. No need to stress or worry, you’re doing so good, trust your instincts, and love yourself.

Favorite part about active escapes: It’s so fun! I love how it gives people the opportunity to meet amazing like-minded health enthusiasts, travel the world, go on an adventure, get fitter and stronger, and live life to the fullest.

Favorite location: I love Padang Padang and Changgu in Bali, and it’s my dream to go to Maldives and India!

Travel Tips: Being an over packer I always remind myself to pack less because you end up wearing a few practical things, and then you have room in your suitcase for shopping! I also recommend bringing healthy bars that you can depend on when food might be questionable, and bring your vitamins to keep your immune system strong while traveling.

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