Active Escapes Host Jenna Louise, Active Escapes in Bali, Maldives
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Active Escape Trainer Profile

Jenna Louise

Jenna Louise

Qualifications: Master Trainer – Australian Institute of Fitness, Nutrition Coach – Australian Institute of Fitness, ZUU Level 1 & 2 Trainer, Ankorr Level 1 Trainer


Specialties: Fitness, Mindset


Favourite Exercise: I love tapping into my inner child so getting creative and thinking outside the box makes my workouts all sorts of fun. One of my all time favourite exercises would have to be: – Reverse Bear Climbs on a set of Stairs


Favourite Food/Meal: I am a sucker for sweet breakfasts and one of my super quick and delicious home recipes is my Egg White & Oat Pancake from my Nutrition Guide.


Biggest goal you have achieved: I am a challenge junkie at heart and a strong believer that if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. Achievements require time, dedication and effort. For me it’s not about creating perfection, it’s about the meaning behind it and the effort that I put into creating my vision.

My current achievements, being a two times Ninja Warrior, a Reebok Athlete, TechnoGym Wellness Ambassador, an Active Escapes Trainer, Women’s Health and Fitness Cover Girl, Oxygen Magazine Australia Cover Girl and Fitness Expert, the face of Red Corner Boxing, Ankorr Ambassador, F45 Playoffs female champion, Fitness Expert for various media channels and recognised by Google as a Top Online Influential Australian.  


Who or what inspired you to do what you are doing now? My achievements fuel me to constantly improve my performance and skills with practice, training, coaching, and dedication to learning. I always strive to better myself and continuously have something to aim for that will motivate me to push to become better than I was yesterday.


What advice would you tell your younger self? Not to be so hard on yourself, that everything happens for a reason and trust in the process. Don’t dwell on what others say or think about you. Be yourself ALL of the time, let your crazy out when ever you feel the need, laugh so hard that your tummy and face hurt AT LEAST once a day, play, play and play any chance you get. Explore, adventure, experience and learn,


What is your favorite part about Active Escapes? I thrive off being amongst a group environment, leading the way, sharing my purpose and educating those around me in order to get the best out of each individual thereby generating a positive flow on affect throughout the group.


Your favourite Active Escapes location? Beautiful Bali and I will be exploring Hawaii with the crew for the first time.


What are your best travel tips? Being able to adapt and train anywhere with what’s around you forces your imagination to start thinking outside the box.

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