Active Escapes Host Joel Pinto, Active Escapes in India, Goa
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Active Escape Host Profile


Joel Pinto

What is your background: I am an engineer by training, an athlete at heart, and an operations expert by


Biggest goal you have achieved: This would be the fact that i quit a very stable and progressing job to help out my buddy start a milkshake business. Today, 2 years later – We have our presence in 4 countries and over 200+ locations and counting.


Who or what inspired you to do what you are doing now?  Family, friends, and life adventures inspired me to get where I am today. I took a year during my undergrad to discover and find myself. I started running and explored parts of the university town I was living in, and with it – myself. I learned that I was able to push myself and my body to achieve anything I put my mind too. All it took was perseverance and fortitude to never stop.  Though I was pursuing a career in civil engineering at the time, I knew I wanted to do something that would enrich people’s lives through fitness.


I went for my first Active Escapes in 2107 to Maldives , I enjoyed the experience so much that I spoke with Zanna about a possibility to have an Indian Edition. And that’s how I decided to bring Active Escapes to India.


What advice would you tell your younger self? Don’t get bogged down by stuff that didn’t work out the way you planned it. It wasn’t meant to happen because there’s something better in store for you.


What is your favourite part about Active Escapes? Active Escapes is not structured in a boot camp fashion. Its a fitness vacation, along with the brutal workouts there are elements of fun throughout the week.


Why did you choose this location?  I have a soft spot for Goa. My roots are from this part of the country and there
is a vibe too.


What are your best travel tips? Travel light and do what the locals do.


Favourite Exercise: By all means burpees, especially the ones pap’s made us do in the sea.


Favourite Food/Meal: My grandmother’s curry recipe

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