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Active Escape Trainer Profile


Matty Fox

2019 Retreats: Bali July 24th

Qualifications: Personal trainer, ex professional athlete


Specialties: Bodyweight training/ calisthenics


Favourite Exercise: Muscle ups


Favourite Food/Meal: Greek food


Biggest goal you have achieved: Overcoming cancer and becoming a father to Harley. 


Who or what inspired you to do what you are doing now? My wife Wilda


What advice would you tell your younger self? To get out of your comfort zone and follow a path that makes you happy.


What is your favourite part about Active Escapes?  The team environment, a group of awesome people, in amazing locations having fun and supporting each other is hard to beat!


Your favourite Active Escapes location? Noosa


What are your travel tips? Go with the flow, don’t be afraid to travel alone, some of the best travel memories come when you are alone because it forces you to explore and to meet new people.

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