Active Escapes Host Zanna Conaln, Active Escapes in Bali
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Active Escape Host Profile


Zanna Conlan

Zanna Conlan is the founder of Active Escapes and is a qualified surf lifesaver and surf coach who loves getting outdoors and having a good time. Zanna also has 13 years of experience playing and coaching Australian Rules Football in the VAFA. His motto of ‘just have a crack’ leads him to pretty much every outdoor activity; you could find him swimming, snow skiing, water skiing, kite surfing, boxing or jet skiing just to name a few.


With a Bachelor Degree in Business, Zanna has an extensive business background and accordingly has ran many successful businesses (while he believes Active Escapes is one of his best ideas yet!).


During your time at Active Escapes Zanna will make sure you have some fun in the surf and sneak in a few drinks

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