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Active Escapes is the world’s number 1 fitness retreat.  Fitness, food and fun with like-minded people, in the most beautiful destinations on Earth. Forget guilty, feel great, and have the best week ever!




July 14th: Bali – Canggu (see details)

July 24th: Bali – Padang Padang (see details)

August 10th : Bali – Padang Padang (see details)

August 29th: Maldives – Soneva (see details)

September 8th: Greece – Paros (see details)

September 10th: Australia – Noosa (see details)

September 21st : Bali – Padang Padang (see details)

October 12th: Bali – Uluwatu Mega Escape (see details)

October 23rd: Australia – Noosa (see details)

November 18th: Barbados (see details)

November 25th: South Africa – St Francis (see details)

December 8th: Australia – Byron Bay (see details)


February 5th: Australia – Noosa (see details)

February 13th: Australia – Byron Bay (see details)

April 8th: Bali – Padang Padang (see details)

June 1st: Greece – Paros (see details)

June 10th: Greece – Paros (see details)

June 21st: Maldives Boat Escape (see details)

July 11th: Bali – Padang Padang (see details)

August 8th: Bali – Padang Padang (see details)

September 12th: Bali – Padang Padang (see details)




Fitness: Push yourself to the limit with daily training sessions, catered and adapted for your skillset by Active Escapes’ professional trainers. These guys know their stuff and are leaders in the industry, not just a lot of Instagram followers! Whether its obstacles courses, yoga or burpees, you’ll be challenged but empowered by a like-minded crew.

Fun: From surfing to zip lining and wake boarding, you’ll run high on adrenaline and step out of your comfort zone. All experiences are optional, but well worth the adventure.
  Depending on the location you choose we have different activities designed for maximum fun!

Food: Fresh, healthy, delicious and plentiful, while our meals vary on each Escape, it’s all covered in your trip price.

Connection: Come with others, come alone (a lot of people do); the choice is 100% yours. Regardless, you’ll make some awesome new friends, challenging and motivating each other every day of your trip.

Quality: With all costs included in the trip price, every detail will be delivered to the highest possible standards – from accommodation and location, to fresh food, customised programs and organised activities. But don’t take our word for it, just read the reviews.

What our guests think . . .

“Just completed my third retreat and yet again had an absolutely amazing time. Great location, luxury accommodation, excellent trainer  and fabulous food.   It’s the perfect combination of fun, fitness and food. I travelled on my own and the layout of the retreat means it’s really easy to meet people. I’d been on the ‘fitness retreat’ circuit for a number of years and since I’ve discovered Active Escapes I’ve never gone anywhere else.
I love how international the participants are, it’s lovely to meet people from all over the world.”

Gemma L – Noosa Escape 2018

“This is exactly the trip/experience I have been looking for and it surpassed all of my expectations. Active Escapes has created a one of a kind fitness retreat that includes a fun/balanced/amazing experience. You work out hard, but with breathtaking views and an amazing trainer”

Ivonne – Bali Escape 2018

“I was really worried about going on a “fitness retreat” as I don’t train very often and never lift weights. I have been on lots of retreats before but never one dedicated to fitness. The first day I was really nervous but everyone was so friendly and welcoming and the first session by our trainer Andrew pap was all about technique ensuring that all the exercises we would be doing over the next few days would be performed safely and with maximum impact. Even those in the fitness industry got something positive out of this session.
The group of people on the retreat were from all different countries, backgrounds, ages and fitness levels and it was great to see that everyone was challenged individually by altering the exercises and repetitions.
Active escapes is way more than a fitness retreat. It is an amazing journey and transformation for the body but also the mind! I have learned so much and met some amazing people and the week was full of laughs and amazing experiences.”

Ashlee W – Bali Escape 2018

“Met such an awesome group of people at Active Escapes in the Maldives…can’t wait to plan my next trip!!! One of the best weeks ever!!! Everyone in the group was so nice and I made friends that I’m definitely going to keep in touch with. We were super active with 2 challenging workouts a day plus yoga, plus boat, surfing and snorkeling excursions. A great way to see a new tropical place, meet awesome peeps and get FIT! Loved every second :)”

Jill H – Maldives Escape 2016


See more reviews on our Trip Advisor page


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