Active Escapes Fitness Retreats, Thailand, Australia, Dubai + more
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Fitness Retreats Worldwide

Active Escapes operates fitness retreats all year round from locations all over the world – BaliHawaii, MaldivesNoosa, Thailand, India, Barbados and more!


Combining fitness, relaxation and fun, our Active Escapes Fitness Retreats allow you to return to normal life energized and refreshed. You’ll enjoy beautiful food, wonderful company whilst enjoying the benefits of tailored workouts, learning to surf and a quiet drink or two.

Active Escapes brings together exclusive organised events by expert trainers in some of the best and most luxurious places in the world. While Active Escapes is absolutely about fitness, it’s also about meeting new people, having a few drinks and generally having a great time. If everyone’s having a great time, then my job’s done.

Zanna Conlan – Active Escapes Fitness Retreats Founder

Book your Active Escape – enjoy the best week ever!


Active Escape Trainer Amanda Bisk

Amanda Bisk

Active Escapes Trainer Matt Fox

Matty Fox

Active Escape Trainer Tanya Poppett

Tanya Poppett

Ruba Ali

Active Escape Trainer Andrew Pap

Andrew Pap

Active Escape Trainer Jenna Louise

Jenna Louise

Action Jacquelyn

Peter Day

Kevin Wendt

Danielle Robertson

Evan Betts


Zanna Conlan

Zanna Conlan

Active Escapes Ali Conlan

Ali Conlan

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