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Active Escapes operates fitness retreats all year round from locations all over the world – Bali, Hawaii, Maldives, Noosa, Thailand, India, Barbados and more!

Combining fitness, relaxation and fun, our Active Escapes Fitness Retreats allow you to return to normal life energized and refreshed. You’ll enjoy beautiful food, wonderful company whilst enjoying the benefits of tailored workouts, learning to surf and a quiet drink or two.

Upcoming Fitness Retreats


Aug 23: Maldives Boat Escape

Sept 12th: Bali – Padang Padang

October 14th: Australia – Noosa

October 21st: Australia – Noosa

November 16th:  Barbados

November 18th: Australia – Noosa

November 29th: South Africa - St Francis

December 13th: Australia – Byron Bay


January 24th: Australia – Byron Bay

Contact Us

AU Phone +61 3 9095 7582

USA Phone +1 213 2667911

UK Phone +44 203 9364766


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