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Action Jacquelyn

2019 Retreats

Bali September 21st.


Here are my certifications – 750 hour yoga certified, Kundalini Yoga, Barre, Mat & Reformer Pilates, Personal Training, Ergonomics, and Pranayama (Breathwork).


Teaching people Yoga Stretching, Yoga Strength, Inversions, Splits, and Barre.

Favorite exercise

I love Yoga, barre, dancing and surfing!

Favorite Food/Meal

I love a really yummy coconut milk latte in the morning; and a fresh coconut during the day – I love scooping out the coconut fat too! I love chips & guacamole, and I also love anything with chocolate.

Biggest Goal

Being an entrepreneur, living my dream as a yoga/fitness wellness expert, teacher and online entrepreneur. I just launched my own app and I’m building a loving, powerful community that is taking action towards their healthy dream life everyday. Also being a Laker Girl was a dream come true!

Who or what inspired you?

My parents’ drive always inspired me to live a purposeful yet free life.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Where you are right now is absolutely perfect. No need to stress or worry, you’re doing so good, trust your instincts, and love yourself.

Favorite part about active escapes

It’s so fun! I love how it gives people the opportunity to meet amazing like-minded health enthusiasts, travel the world, go on an adventure, get fitter and stronger, and live life to the fullest.

Favorite location

I love Padang Padang and Changgu in Bali, and it’s my dream to go to Maldives and India!

Travel Tips

Being an over packer I always remind myself to pack less because you end up wearing a few practical things, and then you have room in your suitcase for shopping! I also recommend bringing healthy bars that you can depend on when food might be questionable, and bring your vitamins to keep your immune system strong while traveling.

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