Trainer Profile

Evan Betts

Qualifications & experience

  • NASM certified
  • 5 years group fitness experience with Tone House, one of the hardest group gym experiences in the world
  • Former Athlete: Football (American), Baseball and Diver
  • Performix House trainer
  • Theragun Athlete
  • Cosmopolitan Magazine fitness contributor
  • Wilhelmina Fitness Model


HIIT Training, Athletic Performance, and OCR training.

Favorite exercise

Muscle Up, Backflip, Flying push-up.

Favorite Food/Meal

Cheat Meal: Pizza or Nachos. Clean Meal:Chicken or Salmon with Broccoli or Kale Salad and Sweet Potato.

Biggest Goal you have achieved

Being on the cover of Men’s Fitness Magazine, signing on with a huge modelling agency, moving to New York, and starring on a tv show.

Who or what inspired you to what you are doing now?

My brother inspired me to get into modeling. My friend Alonzo inspired me to get into Training. Everyone else inspires me everyday to push my limits.

What advice would you tell your younger self?

Try Harder, Do More, Don’t sit back and let things come to you. Go out and get it done.

Favourite part about Active Escapes

Building meaningful relationships/bonds/community, the idea of traveling for work, and doing something outside the norm.

Favorite location


Travel tips

Research where you’re going/watch videos/figure out ways to be prepared for the environment you will be in. Create a list of things you want to do or accomplish, and a list of things you need to bring. If its for work, work hard. If its for vacation, RELAX. If its for both, work hard play hard.

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