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Active Escapes & F45: Powering Fitness Retreats Together in 2024

Active Escapes is excited to announce its partnership with F45, a collaboration aimed at elevating fitness retreats to new heights. This partnership embodies a commitment to delivering unparalleled fitness experiences that blend high-intensity workouts, scenic landscapes, and holistic wellness. In line with this exciting union, we’re thrilled to share the remarkable achievement of one of our very own—Alice Evans, an integral part of the Active Escapes team, has been named as F45’s Global Athlete.

We are immensely proud to celebrate Alice Evans’s outstanding accomplishment as she joins the ranks of F45’s Global Athletes. Alice’s dedication to fitness, coupled with her infectious enthusiasm, has rightfully earned her this prestigious recognition. As an essential member of the Active Escapes family, Alice’s achievement as an F45 Global Athlete speaks volumes about her expertise and unwavering commitment to fitness excellence.

This recognition comes at an exciting time as Active Escapes and F45 join forces to curate upcoming fitness retreats set in stunning locations like Noosa, the Maldives, and Greece. Alice Evans will lead these transformative retreats, which promise an immersive fitness experience, blending F45’s dynamic workouts with breathtaking landscapes and holistic wellness.

In addition to Alice Evans, Active Escapes is proud to feature other distinguished F45 experts across various retreats. The likes of Peter Day, Tahnya Haddad, and Adam Rouse, renowned within the F45 fitness community, will be integral parts of retreats in Bali and South Africa. Their expertise and commitment to fitness bring an added layer of training excellence to the Active Escapes experience.

Embrace the Fitness Revolution with AE x F45

For those seeking transformative fitness experiences aligned with the ethos of Active Escapes and F45, these upcoming retreats are an unparalleled opportunity. Immerse yourself in a fusion of high-intensity workouts, breathtaking landscapes, and holistic wellness. With a team of seasoned F45 experts leading the charge, each retreat promises an invigorating fitness journey.

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Experience the synergy of fitness, adventure, and wellness with Active Escapes’ partnership with F45. Join Alice Evans and a team of top-tier F45 experts on a transformative journey toward enhanced fitness and holistic well-being. Secure your spot for these upcoming fitness retreats and embrace the opportunity to train and thrive in some of the world’s most breathtaking destinations.

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