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Active Escapes x LSKD: Uniting for Adventure, Fitness, and the Pursuit of 1% Better Every Day

Active Escapes is thrilled to announce the continued partnership with LSKD throughout 2024, creating a powerful collaboration at the intersection of adventure, fitness, and the shared mission to achieve 1% better every day. This union promises not only extraordinary experiences but a commitment to personal growth and continuous improvement across all Active Escapes locations worldwide.

At the heart of the Active Escapes x LSKD partnership is a shared commitment to empowering individuals to lead active, adventurous lives and strive for progress every day. LSKD’s mission to achieve 1% better every day aligns seamlessly with the ethos of Active Escapes, creating a synergy that goes beyond mere collaboration—it’s a shared dedication to personal growth, wellness, and embracing challenges.

Elevating Fitness Retreat Experiences

In 2024, Active Escapes and LSKD are set to elevate fitness retreat experiences to new heights, providing participants with not just a getaway but a transformative journey. Guests can anticipate a dynamic fusion of high-intensity workouts, stunning destinations, and the distinctive LSKD activewear that embodies the spirit of pushing limits and striving for improvement daily.

Part of the excitement in this partnership lies in the exclusive integration of LSKD activewear into all Active Escapes locations. Participants across the globe will have the opportunity to experience the comfort, functionality, and cutting-edge design of LSKD apparel during their fitness journeys, discounts and gifts will be offered to all guests from LSKD.

LSKD Athletes and AE Coaches Leading the Way

Adding a unique dimension to the retreat experience, LSKD athletes, and Active Escapes coaches, including James Newbury, Abbey Hall, Brad Leggett, Alice Evans, Tahyna Haddad, and Nathan Ryles, will take on leadership roles on select retreats. Beyond their expertise in fitness, these athletes embody the essence of the 1% better every day mantra, providing inspiration and motivation for participants to push their boundaries and achieve incremental growth throughout the retreat.

Join the Movement

Active Escapes invites fitness enthusiasts, adventure seekers, and those dedicated to continuous improvement to join the movement. Regardless of your fitness level or experience, the Active Escapes x LSKD partnership offers a gateway to unforgettable experiences, personal growth, and the chance to move forward with confidence, style, and purpose, embracing the philosophy of 1% better every day.

In 2024, let the adventure continue with Escapes now on sale in Bali, Noosa, Byron Bay, South Africa, Maldives, Greece and New Zealand.

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